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Hanging out with Merlin the enchanter

August 31, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

On Wednesday my charming girlfriend and I flew from Hawaii to Los Angeles and drove straight to Disneyland! I wish I were kidding. Here are the highlights from my trip in a magical and faraway land.

The king is dead

August 31, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

Roleplaying games should always be fun and entertaining. Fun to prepare, fun to play, entertaining to “watch” for the DM. In order to consistently live a fresh and rewarding roleplaying experience, different game styles or concepts might be necessary. Here is a game concept that I enjoyed very much and that should require very little […]

Chimeric Inspiration

August 30, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

An image is worth a thousand words Can you guess what Worth1000.com offers? Yes, pictures! And some of them are visually stunning. Hopefully you can get a few ideas from Worth 1000’s Dream Worlds galleries. For a good laugh – and game ideas if you run a comical D&D campaign – you can also check […]

NPCs you love to hate

August 29, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

Most D&D players love to hate NPCs. A typical characteristic of villains is that they are very intelligent but lack the humility to hide it. They will shove their knowledge and wits in everyone’s face. Cockyness made easy An easy way to make this come across is by using a fancy vocabulary. For cool words […]