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September 30, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

Random thoughts I’m back from vacation and I’m more tired than I was 10 days ago! But it’s a good kind of tired. It’s time to get back to business and I’m definitely pumped / intimidated by everything happening on Dungeon Mastering. Fluff and Crunch Phil – the infamous Chatty DM – has been spewing […]

Dungeon Mastering posting schedule

September 30, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

New posting schedule Some readers told me they usually read Dungeon Mastering while having breakfast.  Since I usually post articles between 6am and 8am eastern time (that’s GMT -5 for non-north-americans) I figured I could set a regular schedule for all articles. From now on all articles will be posted at 6:30am. Parallel Adventure Project […]

What’s your superhero weakness?

September 29, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

Knowing your limits I think I mentioned recently that I used to be a semi-professional athlete (only semi because I never made much money from it!). From 2001 to 2004 I made the World Championships finals – that means top 10 – in my discipline but only twice was I really a top 10 player. […]

D&D Instant World Builder – Part 1: Maps

September 28, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

This article is part of the Instant World Builder Project. Instant World Builder #1: Maps Drawing maps for a new campaign might be my favorite DM activity. It’s what I start with when I design worlds and campaigns. I am usually motivated, inspired and always surprised to see the plot hooks that arise during map-drawing. […]