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D&D Monday morning speedlinking Special Edition

September 17, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

DNDMMSLSE DNDMMSL is all about helping fellow RPG enthusiasts waste a few hours at work on Monday mornings until coffee kicks in. And I made a very special discovery this week: The Official Time Waster’s Guide! They eve have a RPG department – how fantastic is that! Have fun at work!

World of Lovecraft – Props for your D&D game

September 16, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

Some readers had great props suggestions for a D&D game. I got an e-mail from Erica and she introduced me to Propping up the Mythos – a guide to making horrifying objects from the stories of H. P. Lovecraft. This website provides insanely descriptive step-by-step directions for creating undescribable props you can use in your […]

How to run a chase scene

September 15, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

Random thoughts This morning a rooster decided it was a good idea to start crowing right next to my bedroom window. It’s 8am right now and he’s been going for 3 hours straight. A wizard NPC looking to play mind games with his enemies should just summon roosters when they’re trying to sleep. Running an […]

D&D product name generator

September 15, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

I found a nifty little tool for generating D&D shop and product names. This product name generator allows you to generate a cool sounding product name by entering a shopkeeper name. Here’s a few random results from the name Yax: Yax’s Yorkshire pudding Yax’s Yellow Peppers Yax’s Yolks It’s not meant for roleplaying games but […]