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D&D Monday morning speedlinking – Thursday edition

November 8, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

DNDMMSL 11-08-07 I know someone who worked very hard recently just because he wanted his players to have fun and play characters they really, really like.  All this hard work payed off! Tweaking classes for cooler characters A tweaked class that will make for cooler characters (great uber-crunchy article) I found a great web site […]

Rewarding bold actions… and cautious ones too.

November 6, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

Rewarding bold moves Let’s suppose that you are willing to move away from your planned campaign for a session or two to go with the flow and improvise a few scenes that stemmed from an unexpected player decision (is that an oxymoron?). If the unexpected decision is smart you might want to reward the PCs, […]

Free magic items for everyone!

November 4, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

One rule I choose to follow only loosely in the current edition of D&D is the magic item creation process. I agree that a spellcaster should invest a lot of energy and time into the process but I don’t like the XP cost. Why I encourage magic item creation by players I like to think […]

How to fight the Chosen One syndrome

November 2, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

The Chosen One Syndrome I was proud of my players yesterday – they overcame the Chosen One Syndrome and found their way out of a tough situation. The Chosen One Syndrome is quite common among PCs. Characters that are involved in every plot and storyline they stumble across and succedd at every task they undertake […]