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D&D Monday morning speedlinking

December 10, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

Random thoughts You know you met the woman of your dreams when she says things like: “Of course it’s sexy! It’s a dragon!” DNDMMSL 12-10-07 It’s Monday morning and you’re at work, calculating seconds until Friday evening, waiting for that blissful first caffeine rush of the week. I know the feeling. Until you actually start […]

Follow my campaign planning on Obsidian Portal

December 9, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

New campaign I set up an Obsidian Portal blog/wiki for my next D&D campaign – Demon Delver. I’ll try to build hype about the campaign during the next 6 months and will start playing it when 4E is released in June. Feel free to check the campaign out and give it a 5 star rating! […]

Make your campaign better… NOW!

December 8, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

Random thoughts With the ever-growing geek population I wonder if we’re ever going to live through a “taped glasses and hunched back is sexy” trend. 7 quick ways to make your campaign better Just because you have planned a fun campaign and your next few games are prepared doesn’t mean your campaign can’t get better.  […]

Happy Birthday Expy!

December 8, 2007Written by Expy - Published on

You might remember Expy mentioning his 51th anniversary was coming up. Well he now is official 51. He flew south to celebrate, relax, and forget about the daily grind of the dragon life – razing small towns and terrorizing townsfolk might sound like fun, but it is a lot of work. He was kind enough […]