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Geeky contest at the Evil DM’s lair

January 27, 2008Written by Expy - Published on

I just spotted a contest over at the Evil DM’s Lair. Identify as many pictures as you can from the Evil DM’s collage logo and win stuff! It’s a fun contest but it ends tomorrow. Maybe you still have enough time to participate. Enjoy!

D&D Sunday morning quiz: Monsters!

January 27, 2008Written by Expy - Published on

Here’s another installment of the Sunday morning D&D quiz. There’s only 5 months left before the 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons is published so all the DMs out there should be at their storytelling apex. Here’s a concrete way to test your knowledge of the finer details of the game. This week’s quiz – […]

D&D updates

January 26, 2008Written by Expy - Published on

Dungeon Mastering updates I hope everyone is enjoying the week-end, hanging out, playing RPGs.  If you are spending a few minutes on the net you might want to check out these two items right here on Dungeon Mastering dot com. The answers to last week’s Sunday morning D&D quiz have been posted. I updated the […]

D&D 5th edition predictions

January 23, 2008Written by Expy - Published on

Make a prediction and win! I’ll buy a copy of the 5th edition PHB to anyone who can predict the launch date of the 5th edition of D&D. My prediction: October 20th, 2017 Want to make an educated guess?  Check out Editions: The Numbering by Hack /