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Top 5 ways to run a game without a grid map

January 22, 2008Written by Expy - Published on

Who needs a gridmap? You forgot your gridmap?  Or your minis?  Or you need a change of pace for your campaign? Here a 5 ways to replace the battlemat. Top 5 ways to run a game without a grid map Whiteboard or chalkboard When I was in college I would often get together with some […]

D&D Monday morning speedlinking

January 21, 2008Written by Expy - Published on

DNDMMSL 01-21-08 It’s Monday morning and you stare at the world through half-closed bloodshot?  You feel like eyedrops and caffeine are your best friends?  Well, er, that sucks.  At least you have a few D&D links to keep you busy until you actually feel like working. Kobold Quarterly has a great website.  I mentioned recently […]

Sunday morning D&D quiz

January 20, 2008Written by Expy - Published on

SMDNDQ 01-20-08 I am very proud and happy to introduce the Sunday morning D&D quiz. There’s only 5 months left before the 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons is published so all the DMs out there should be at their storytelling apex. Here’s a concrete way to test your knowledge of the finer details of […]

Open design presents: Blood of Gorgon

January 19, 2008Written by Expy - Published on

I first heard about Wolfgang Baur‘s Open Design Project when I was having dinner with Phil – the Chatty DM. Even though Wolfgang is Phil’s nemesis he is a fan of the project. It has to be good sign, right? Well, it is! What is the Open Design Project? The open design projects are patron-driven […]