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D&D 4E review: Overview of the preview books

January 14, 2008Written by Expy - Published on

I read the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition previews Races & Classes, and Worlds & Monsters last week and a few things jumped out right away: Dungeons & Dragons still feels like Dungeons & Dragons. The Wizards staff working on 4E seems to be very respectful of D&D enthusiasts. WotC spent a lot of time […]

Lost data

January 14, 2008Written by Expy - Published on

I’m sorry to announce that my computer isn’t doing too well. I’m lost about 20 e-mail messages that I hadn’t replied to. Please re-send them if you get a chance. Thanks.

The omniscient D&D player

January 11, 2008Written by Expy - Published on

Random thoughts Nothing says “Welcome back to reality” like coming back from a vacation in Waikiki to find your computer not turning on. The omniscient D&D player I got an e-mail from Jason this week. He has a very knowledgeable and involved player in his D&D party and it has led to many good plot […]

It’s all about style

January 9, 2008Written by Expy - Published on

One of the fun parts of D&D is playing a unique character – or DMing a game with unique characters.  Backstory and personality and great but stylish PCs are even better.  (Yes, this comes from the same guy who rants about blinged up characters). Unique combat scenes One fun and easy way to increase the […]