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D&D Bling: Rangers

February 27, 2008Written by Expy - Published on

What is D&D bling? Welcome to the seventh episode of D&D Bling – a look at the stylish accessorizing of heroes in medieval fantastic worlds. D&D Bling #7: Rangers Where should I start? Blinged-up rangers are everywhere! You can say all you want about rangers but if you don’t think they’re obsessed with bling you […]

Win Elder Evils – 3 days left

February 26, 2008Written by Expy - Published on

Quick reminder We’ve got about 150 entries in the Win the Elder Evils Sourcebook contest so far and there’s three days left to enter. How to enter the contest Just e-mail up to five articles on the website to your gaming buddies by using the “E-mail it to a friend” link at the top and […]

D&D Tuesday Tips – Laser Power

February 26, 2008Written by Expy - Published on

D&D Tuesday Tips For DMs (DNDTTFDM) 02-26-08 Deadlines are awesome! They give me the motivation to do what I need to do – usually in a short amount of time because I’ll wait until the last minute before doing anything. Although self-imposed deadlines are never quite as motivating they still work. And they can work […]

D&D Monday morning speedlinking – Cribs edition

February 25, 2008Written by Expy - Published on

DNDMMSL 02-25-08 It’s Monday morning and the “s” word is snooze. Enough said. The links (part I) Shelly Mazzanoble is always entertaining. I haven’t mentioned her column – Confessions of a full-time wizard – in two months. Check out her two latest articles: D&D resolutions The Down & Under Adventurer Deviant Art has an amazing […]