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A Goblin Tale

October 29, 2009Written by Margath - Published on

Auntie Margath a goblin warren mother joins us to share one of her favourite stories. Naughty Galak is a favourite tale she uses terrify the little goblins of her warren. – Expy


October 28, 2009Written by Flad The Lich King - Published on

Falad, the Lich King, joins my new non-human team to inform you all about zombies – Expy.

I’m Taking Over!

October 26, 2009Written by Expy - Published on

I have sent Yax and the crew on a ‘Temporary’ holiday for Halloween. While they are gone I’m in charge. So get ready for some changes – Expy

Get paid to write for D&D Insider

October 26, 2009Written by Expy - Published on

A few thoughts on applying for a gig at WOTC