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Nerd Watching: Books Are Lying to You!

November 23, 2009Written by Nicholas - Published on

Are you still buying books that rapidly become outdated? Should you use the electronic tools that aren’t rapidly doing anything?

The D&D Fourth Edition Time Machine

November 18, 2009Written by Nicholas - Published on

I teach you how to run a 4e game with the old school flavor of 2e.

How to Mind Read Your Players!

November 16, 2009Written by Nicholas - Published on

Your players are dropping clues of what they want all the time. I tell you where to look!

You Want to Do What?! The Art of Improv in GMing (Part 1)

November 15, 2009Written by Steve - Published on

With enough time and preparation, just about anyone can run a D&D game. But how do you create new stuff “on the spot”, under pressure, and when your players demand it?