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30 Fiction Writing Tips That Will Make You A Better DM (part 1)

November 5, 2009Written by Expy - Published on

My stint as an aspiring novelist made me a better writer and a better storyteller. I thought I’d share a few writing techniques that I learned through books, websites, and experience and how I use them to be a better DM.

Geeks Next Door – Onward and… …Upward?

November 2, 2009Written by Geeks Next Door - Published on

What do you think the plot will be? Something classic? Something strange? Something silly?

4 ways to make better PCs and NPCs with Martial Flavor

November 1, 2009Written by Expy - Published on

So just where did you come from, anyway? Were you an orphan, sent out in the world on your own when [tragedy] happened to [beloved relative]? Did you learn [ancient fighting style] from [secretive order]? Were you a [menial laborer] who first picked up a blade in order to [grandiose verb phrase]?

Nerd Watching: Backwards, Forwards and All Around

November 1, 2009Written by Nicholas - Published on

I examine the past, present and future of fourth edition Dungeons and Dragons.