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Reality Shift Part 2 – The Haves & Have-Nots

April 30, 2010Written by Bill - Published on

In “Reality Shift Part 1”, I introduced the Reality Shift concept.  Simply put, a reality shift is just a conscious agreement among the DM and players to suspend their disbelief and accept that the game world is a different reality from our own.  In this reality, magic, incredible powers, character classes, etc, are an integral […]

Reality Shift – Part 1

April 28, 2010Written by Bill - Published on

Achieving a feeling of realism in D&D (or any other RPG) without making a horrible mess of gameplay The RPG world is littered with the rotting remains of vain attempts to introduce realism.  Critical hit tables, wacky initiative schemes, progressively debilitating damage charts: these are the tools of the gamer in search of a more […]

How To Handle Awkward Moments In Gaming

April 26, 2010Written by Krystal - Published on

I hope you’ve never had any of these unfortunate experiences: 1) Your mother playing DnD and hitting on one of your friend’s characters. 2) A male playing a female character who goes beyond comfortable boundaries seducing the men. 3) Playing a one-on-one with somebody who decides to take a romantic interest outside the game. What […]

Going 3D with D&D

April 23, 2010Written by Krys - Published on

Anyone who has ever dabbled in 3-D terrain for tabletops learns three things pretty quickly: it’s expensive, it’s time-consuming, and it’s addictive. Ever the cheapsk- uh, bargain hunter, I budget my D&D money to the penny every month and scour the net, craft stores, and garage sales to find the best deals. Online there are two major players in the 3-D racket, and a third underdog who is rapidly climbing the ranks.