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Let’s Get Ready To Ruuuuumbleee!

April 21, 2010Written by Krystal - Published on

Mass combat can often times be the enemy of entertainment in our DnD games, there is a lot of rolling involved for the DM, a lot of keeping track of numbers, kills, death tolls, and so on. I have a few ways to spice up mass combat as this can be a big factor in […]

What If The DM Was One of Us…

April 19, 2010Written by Krystal - Published on

Often times we find ourselves skimming over the “Deity” section or simply scrawling down a name on the character sheet and forgetting it for the rest of the game, in many different groups I’ve noticed people open to the deity section in their players handbook simply for a cloud of dust to puff out and […]

Why You Should Use Variant Races

April 16, 2010Written by Krystal - Published on

Tired of the same ol’ boring classes, 3rd edition players? Tired of listening to our new 4E friends talk about the cool new races and classes they can play? (Especially if they use the Character Builder provided by wizards of the coast. If you’re a 4E player I highly recommend it. You can share it […]

How to Befriend a Dragon

April 14, 2010Written by Expy - Published on

By Guest Blogger Alan “Elderon Analas” Patton The Basics Now I know what you’re going to say, “You can’t befriend a dragon, they’re just killing machines.” Now, I’m here to point out all the things wrong with that sentence. One, yes you can befriend a dragon, some are just tougher than others. Two, we’re all […]