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Bringing Rituals Back Into Dungeons & Dragons

September 22, 2010Written by Expy - Published on

Rituals. They’re something to interrupt. Something that the bad guys are right in the middle of when those meddling PCs arrive on the scene. And, really . . . for a lot of D&D games out there being played right now, that’s about it.

DM’s Guide to Jumping Dimensions and Planes of Reality

September 17, 2010Written by Mobius - Published on

This post is for those DM’s who need to create a quick random plane for those dimension jumping heroes who just love going off the beaten track and messing around with the whole of the universe.

Creative Ideas When You Run Out of Miniatures

September 10, 2010Written by katelynscarlett - Published on

How to Get Cheap (and Delicious!) Minis I’m sure this has happened to a DM some time or another. You’re drawing out your map, as sloppily quick or as precisely detailed as you need it to be, and you start populating it with hordes of enemies. As long as they are the right size category, […]

Unlimited Ideas for Your RPG Storyline

September 8, 2010Written by cyberkyd - Published on

Often times I have read a book and thought, that would make a great RPG storyline.