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The Zombieload Special Offer

October 22, 2010Written by Expy - Published on

From Now Until Midnight on October 29th, You Can Get Your Hands On EVERYTHING DungeonMastering.com Offers at an Unheard of 60% Off This Halloween special offer is not the Motherload, it’s the Zombieload! Keep reading to find out how you can get the never before advertised Advanced Rules for Zombie Murder Mystery, the new ZMM […]

Step-By-Step Process for Creating Magical Items

October 20, 2010Written by Krystal - Published on

Magical items are great for plot twists, key items, character advancements, or something similar. They can also be minor, non important parts of the game.

13 Dungeons and Dragons Storyline Ideas

October 7, 2010Written by katelynscarlett - Published on

Crack open a book of fairy tales and mythology next time you can’t figure out a new story to embed in your game.