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The Art of the Small—Analyzing “Crunch” for “Fluff”

April 29, 2011Written by LanJemWezz - Published on

Well met, fellow gamers! Join me in a series that takes a 20 on a Spot Check examining details within the D&D game that provide role-playing cues. In this edition, we learn how to appreciate low ability scores, why ability scores improve “in-game,” and what else a language tells you about your character. Part the […]

Blog and Tools Downtime and General Odd Behavior Over the Last Week‏

April 11, 2011Written by Expy - Published on

Dear Readers, By now you’ve noticed that our most recent article, Question Keith #1: Hidden Hit Points was re-sent.  No déjà vu. For a short time the DungeonMastering.com blog was down, then up (albeit with articles from 2010,) then fully restored with Keith’s complete piece. You may also have had trouble logging into your DM […]

Question Keith (Yeah, that Keith) #1: Hidden Hit Points?

April 8, 2011Written by Keith Baker - Published on

We’re proud to present the 1st in a series of monthly articles by Keith Baker.  Best known for creating the Eberron Campaign Setting for Dungeons & Dragons and the card game Gloom he’s also worked on at least five games that you’ve never heard of.  Yet. Question: My DM has decided to implement a house […]