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Question Keith (Yeah, that Keith) #3: Those Meddling PCs

June 28, 2011Written by Keith Baker - Published on

We’re proud to present the 3rd in a series of monthly articles by Keith Baker.  Best known for creating the Eberron Campaign Setting for Dungeons & Dragons and the card game Gloom he’s also worked on at least five games that you’ve never heard of.  Yet. Question: What should be done if a player does […]

The Art of the Small—Analyzing the “Crunch” for the “Fluff” #2

June 25, 2011Written by LanJemWezz - Published on

Choices like these give us starting points to pursue more engaging role-play, and provide means of breaking the ice at the gaming table and getting players to look for their own ways at dressing the stage and setting the tone.

One Die Short: Alignment can be a four-letter word

June 10, 2011Written by One Die Short - Published on

Greetings! My name is Matt Forcella, and I am an artist, writer, and most importantly, a Dungeon Master of over 17 years.  I’ve run D&D, Star Wars, and have devised a couple of new roleplaying systems for my group.  This will be the first in a bi-monthly column called One Die Short, about the trials and […]

No Prep, No Problem

June 6, 2011Written by cyberkyd - Published on

Contrary to popular belief, a GM does NOT have to have an intricate session planned when his players get together. One day when I found my self GMing without any warning, I realized I would have to wing it.