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Question Keith #8: Playing In The Sandbox

March 29, 2012Written by Keith Baker - Published on

Zachary asks: Do you ever run unscripted sandbox style games? Any hints for pacing in such? I prefer a sandbox style of play, and when I’m running a long-term campaign it’s my usual style. Even when I’m running my traveling game, I prefer a semi-linear style where the players are free to move in many […]

Thoughts from a New Year, New Campaign: Have a Homogeneous Party

March 14, 2012Written by MythicParty - Published on

One of my Gaming Resolutions for 2012 was to be in a campaign that started right in January.  The goal of this ‘New Year, New Campaign’ was to try  out various concepts/ideas which would hopefully ‘level up’ our collective game.  So we moved our record keeping over to Obsidian Portal, completely re-organized the basement where […]

Question Keith #7: Death & The Player Character

March 2, 2012Written by Keith Baker - Published on

Q: I’m a soft-hearted DM and I never know how to handle player death. Any advice? (Cassie from Austin) A: This relates to a number of the questions from previous months—how to make combat interesting, what to do when things take an unexpected turn. As DM you hold the player’s lives in your hands. At […]