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It’s in the Small Stuff

April 26, 2012Written by One Die Short - Published on

Greetings! I have finally returned for another edition of One Die Short.  The ODS site fell apart, and so I had to rebuild it, but it’s back and better than ever, and so am I.  This week I want to talk about the little things in D&D: In the above page from ODS, there are […]

We need your help.

April 21, 2012Written by MythicParty - Published on

Hi there.  I’m Steve G., aka MythicParty.  You might remember me from such posts as The 1 Thing You Should NEVER Ask Your Players, d10 Things You Must Do Between Campaigns, Console Cleric #1, &  Console Cleric #2.  (Yes, we did another one)  I seemed to get a lot of discussion on Thoughts from a […]

Making an RPG ‘Bucket List’

April 9, 2012Written by Darkwarren - Published on

After a previous DM’ing article and the first commenter asked for more bucket list stuff I thought I would write an article regarding d10 RPG Bucket List items.  Here are mine. 1. Play a party that is the same race We already have an article regarding this particular type of campaign.  But in order to […]