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The Deadly Dangers of Gen Con

August 27, 2012Written by MythicParty - Published on

For those of you who didn’t put any ranks into ‘Knowledge Nerd,’ Gen Con is a Storm Giant-sized annual gaming convention, currently held every August in Indianapolis Indiana.  It is billed as ‘The Best Four Days of Gaming‘” which is actually a complete & total lie because so many people now show up early that […]

Question Keith #9: A Game of Dungeons

August 3, 2012Written by Keith Baker - Published on

Roberto V. from Stafford, NY asks… Keith, all of the complex political maneuvering and back-stabbing (sometimes literal) plus the brutal battles in a low magic setting are what makes Game of Thrones so addictive to me.  How can we adapt those elements to our Pathfinder/D&D game while still making it fun for the players?  And […]