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Tales From the Other Side of the Screen #3: Meet Markets

March 6, 2013Written by MythicParty - Published on

‘Tales From the Other Side of the Screen’ is a weekly response to Darkwarren’s DM Dispatches column, providing a Player perspective to our DM’s view. “So you’re all in this tavern, drinking and stuff and umm, this strange merchant comes up to you….”  the DM intones, as the Player’s eyes collectively glaze over.  Look, its not […]

DM Dispatches # 3 – “Hookin’ Up”

March 5, 2013Written by Darkwarren - Published on

DM Dispatches is a weekly column that shares stories and reflections from Darkwarren’s experience dungeon mastering his weekly group’s Rise of the Runelords campaign that started in January 2013. The intention is that other DM’s and players can learn from his experiences as well as enter into discussion and add their two coppers as well. […]