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Why you, as a DM, need to grow a pair

December 30, 2013Written by MythicParty - Published on

And I’m not talking about dice. Let me begin with the situation going on in my local gaming group.  There’s 7 members, & we’ve been playing together for at least 5 years.  Some twice that.  Now, there’s literally NOTHING else that all 7 of us have in common except for D&D.  We even sat down […]

The 12 Links For Xmas

December 25, 2013Written by MythicParty - Published on

The Internet has more gaming-related web sites than there are coins in Smaug the Dragon’s treasurepile.  Even serious sites get into the act, like when Forbes did calculations valuing The Magnificent’s horde at $8.6 billion, then later had to revise that to $62 billion thanks to Nerd Wrath.  Yes, these included the Arkenstone of Thrain. In any […]

Creative Class Constructs: Clerics

December 23, 2013Written by Paul Rehac - Published on

Let’s say you have a player who is new to fantasy tabletops, but is familiar with video games/books/movies in the genre. They know the stereotypes — a back-stabbing kleptomaniac rogue, a hardy fighter wielding a big sword, a pious cleric with so many heal spells he could be named “Band-aid” and a wizard who bends […]

An Easy Alignment Alternative: The 4, 3, 2, 1 System

December 17, 2013Written by Paul Rehac - Published on

There’s a long-stemming debate that’s been the source of many arguments around gaming tables. I have bravely decided to “throw my hat into the ring” to question the validity, necessity, and functionality of our age-old alignment system. From Lawful Stupid to Chaotic Jerk, Core Rules have cookie-cutter alignments. I’ll give my perspective on a few […]