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Adventure Seeds: Martial Arts!

January 31, 2014Written by Colin VanCourt - Published on

Whether it’s ancient literature like Journey to the West or the latest Jackie Chan movie, the martial arts genre is one of the most well-loved and longest lasting. The hand-to hand combat of a typical kung fu flick will blend very well with the action-oriented side of Dungeons & Dragons. If the ancient Eastern arts […]

Happy 40th Birthday D&D!

January 26, 2014Written by MythicParty - Published on

So Sunday, January 26th has been researched by Jon Peterson (author of Playing at the World, a book documenting the origins of our hobby) as the best possible day for being the anniversary of the founding of the game we know as Dungeons and Dragons: http://playingattheworld.blogspot.com/2013/12/when-dungeons-dragons-turns-40.html We here at DungeonMastering are going to help celebrate this […]

Creative Class Constructs IV: Magic Users

January 23, 2014Written by Paul Rehac - Published on

From my thoughts to your screen to your table, welcome back to Creative Class Constructs. I’m your resident Immersion Specialist and today I’ll be discussing the fourth staple D&D class: The Magic-User. The Magic-User, to me, seemed to be the most difficult class to discuss in the Creative Class Constructs series —  you don’t need […]

The Titan’s Toolkit: An introduction and the Regional Magical Tradition

January 20, 2014Written by Tom OHara - Published on

I love world building. As a history major and a huge Tolkien nerd, getting to create civilizations is a dream, and it’s absolutely my favorite part of being a DM. I still appreciate published settings, but building one of your own is an enormously rewarding experience. Starting from scratch to build entire cultures and histories […]