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D&D Blog Hop: Day 20

February 20, 2014Written by Darkwarren - Published on

Day 20: First non-D&D RPG you played. Optimus Design System’s Battlelords of the 23rd Century. I remember that the image of a futuristically armored  warrior with a bloody chainsaw, hooked blade, flamethrower, and plasma weapon at the end of each of its tentacles really caught my attention. Read that description again and imagine that picture […]

D&D Blog Hop: Day 19

February 19, 2014Written by Darkwarren - Published on

Day 19: First gamer who just annoyed the hell out of you. When I got back into tabletop gaming after I graduated college, I responded to an advertisement for gamers to try the new 3rd edition adventure The Sunless Citadel. I met two guys that I’m still friends with today and the DM who put […]

D&D Blog Hop: Day 18

February 18, 2014Written by Darkwarren - Published on

Day 18: First gaming convention you ever attended The first gaming convention I ever attended was the Upstate New York Convention or UNY-Con held at a downtown hotel in Rochester, NY (think Buffalo only East) back in November 2004. I actually had a great time. I won’t bore you with the details but here are […]

D&D Blog Hop: Day 17

February 17, 2014Written by Darkwarren - Published on

Day 17: First time you heard D&D was somehow “evil.” I don’t think I ever actually heard those words. My father loves The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings books so he had a fairly healthy respect for fantasy literature. My mother didn’t voice any moral concerns about D&D – other than “wasting my […]