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Multiple motivations for your D&D games

March 26, 2015Written by Casey Hill - Published on

What if every player character in a one-off adventure came with a backstory featuring their own individual goal? Designing such a module or convention game where different members of the party possessed their own unique motivations is challenging for the writer yet can reward everyone with memorable roleplaying.  You want to allow players to really get […]

13 things unlucky players might hear

March 17, 2015Written by MythicParty - Published on

At the very end of the adventure, as the players head into that final room to confront the main enemy, what will the big monster say to them?  Well this article gives you 13 catchy bits.  We’ve been going over some of the more vivid quotes from the inaugural (punny) season of the Netflix political drama […]

more kick-ass quotes from House of Cards’ 1st season

March 13, 2015Written by MythicParty - Published on

Last time we looked at various phrases of dialogue from Netflix’s hit political drama House of Cards that could be used by those NPCs who are benign to the players and want to actually try to help them.  Now we’ll see what NPCs who don’t have the PCs best interests at heart might say, as […]

kick-ass quotes from House of Cards’ 1st season for your NPCs to say

March 12, 2015Written by MythicParty - Published on

House of Cards is to political dramas what Breaking Bad is to shows about teachers. Kevin Spacey in easily the greatest role of his career transforms into a ruthless politician who will stop at nothing in his rise to power. And literally nothing that will further his goals is off limits. Everything from blackmail to […]