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3 More Adventure Starters for your D&D games

June 27, 2015Written by Casey Hill - Published on

We’ve talked before about how there’s a middle ground of having to buy a module or creating absolutely everything yourself.  While there’s an advantage in time saving to simply running a pre-published thing and there’s an advantage in customization with making everything up, it can help to take an idea, use it as a springboard […]

Lessons for D&D from the GoT season 5 finale

June 22, 2015Written by MythicParty - Published on

Since GoT isn’t just great TV, but also the closest thing to D&D that there will ever be on TV, we here at DungeonMastering assume our readers watch it regularly, even if they don’t subscribe to HBO.  So previously we’ve looked at the Season 5 Premiere “The Wars to Come,” as well as the 2nd S5 […]

5 Ways Dice Wreck Your D&D Game (and how to fix them)

June 17, 2015Written by MythicParty - Published on

Gamers have a Love/Hate relationship with our funny-shaped polyhedrals.  One minute they’re amazingly awesome.  Then they suddenly suck, transforming into amazingly aggravating things.  Dice are the cats of gaming accessories. But regardless of which way Lady Luck leans, we should not let these bits of hard plastic muck up the collaborative storytelling of RPG.  Here are […]

3 Adventure Starters for your D&D Campaigns

June 11, 2015Written by Casey Hill - Published on

Sometimes you as a Dungeon Master want to run an adventure somewhere between ‘Just buying someone else’s idea’ and ‘Making it all up on my own.’  With that in mind, here are 3 Adventure Starters that will provide you with creative material to go from while still letting you fill in most of the blanks […]