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DMs should fear these things from Fear the Walking Dead

August 31, 2015Written by MythicParty - Published on

Movies and television are always a fertile source for ideas to use in D&D.  Especially horror.  You’ve probably heard that AMC’s the Walking Dead has a spinoff called (ugh) ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ Now this isn’t a prequel but rather about what’s happens on the West Coast, specifically Los Angeles.  Admittedly when I first heard […]

Crashing markets in the D&D world

August 28, 2015Written by LovelyRotten - Published on

Recent financial craziness from China illustrates how interwoven economies are in a modern world. But how would this play out in D&D and what affect would they have on the PCs?  Well as Master Of The Game you can use these ‘real world’ issues to inject a different challenge:  fiduciary.  Here are a few such scenarios. Shortages are […]

If Quentin Tarantino designed a D&D adventure

August 23, 2015Written by LovelyRotten - Published on

While we’re writing a piece on the Walking Dead spinoff, I thought I’d tie-in a few things cinema to D&D.  Because now that he’s finished creating another excuse for Samuel L. Jackson’s wallet to have ‘BMF’ on it, Quentin Tarantino could pitch his next cross-genre vision to the folks at Paizo, bringing his unique style to […]

The Journey As The Destination

August 15, 2015Written by LovelyRotten - Published on

Recently, the perfect storm of perspective had me experiencing, in short succession: A family driving trip 1,500 miles from Western, NY to Texas Reading a book on Magellan’s circumnavigation of the globe, whose travels will make you realize complaining about driving on paved roads with air-conditioning makes you a weak little crybaby. the ending of […]