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Putting the MAGIC back into ‘magical items’

September 27, 2015Written by Daniel@DeepDark-Designs - Published on

Imagine the scene– the players kill the big boss of the dungeon, bust down the door to his hidden vault, check for traps, unlock the chest, and open it to find a glowing magical longsword; only to then simply toss it in the Bag of Holding with all the other stuff.  Then they just offload […]

Racial heritage: more than skin-deep…

September 20, 2015Written by Daniel@DeepDark-Designs - Published on

I was reading the latest release in the current D&D Adventure’s League Season, Harried in Hillsfar, and one sentence leapt out at me: “Rampant xenophobia, steeped in years of misdirected fear and outrage, have led to not just a citizenry distrustful of any non-humans, but also to a series of laws outright forbidding anyone other […]

Have you tried other group sizes on for size? The results might just surprise you…

September 14, 2015Written by Daniel@DeepDark-Designs - Published on

For DMs getting the right sized group size can be a real headache. This is especially true when preparing for a new campaign where your options are often limited by the availability of players.  Or the opposite direction where not wishing to hurt anyone’s feelings by excluding them ultimately leads to party’s that are too […]