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Giving D&D Zombies some bite

October 16, 2015Written by Adam - Published on

With Halloween coming, it’s important to remember your favorite grind monster that never gets any love – the zombie. When starting a campaign, a bunch of zombies in the graveyard outside of town is as stereotypical as a kobold camp near a small village. But by the time your players reach any level higher than Red […]

Dungeon Mastering Enthusiasts Anxiously Await the Release of the Dungeons & Dragons Video Game, Sword Coast Legends

October 15, 2015Written by Expy - Published on

Dungeon mastering enthusiasts are currently waiting the the release of the Dungeons & Dragons video game, Sword Coast Legends. This video game is set in the lush and highly vibrant world that D&D players, Forgotten Realms. This video game offers players the unique ability of playing Dungeons & Dragons in a shared storytelling manner. The […]

Dungeon Masters Descend into the Depths with “Rage of Demons”

October 9, 2015Written by Expy - Published on

Dungeon Masters Descend into the Depths of Evil with “Rage of Demons” – The Newest Dungeons & Dragons Storyline Dungeon Masters may now descend into the depths of evil by using the newest Dungeons & Dragons storyline, “Rage of Demons”. Now, D&D players have the unique ability to fight beside Drizzt Do’Urden on their computer, […]

Are your quest rewards rewarding enough?

October 5, 2015Written by Daniel@DeepDark-Designs - Published on

So our hero plumber has eaten some mushrooms, stomped a few goomba’s, and booted King Koopa himself into a lava pit. Only to be informed yet again that his princess is in another castle– leaving our poor Italian stereotype unfulfilled and trudging down the path towards the next castle. Why though? Just because he wasn’t […]