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Why I’m Thankful for D&D

November 27, 2015Written by Ace - Published on

This is a very special year for me. A few weeks (or less) after Thanksgiving is fast we will be welcoming our daughter into the world. Naturally I have been more reflective. So being asked by DungeonMastering.com why I am thankful for D&D- which they’ve asked other contributors– is not as easy an answer as I […]

5+1 Things to consider when hosting a game

November 19, 2015Written by Ace - Published on

Owlbear… I never know how to begin so that takes care of that.  I am Ace, you’ll get to know about me as this column continues. I run a monthly D&D 5E game at my house. Turnover is low, drama (without initiative rolls) is nonexistent, and fun is high. I am always surprised by how […]

Adding a Jason-like Villain to your D&D game

November 14, 2015Written by MythicParty - Published on

In honor of Friday the 13th, we’re taking a look at the horror franchise that spawned 12 films while making people scared of goalies. Although there are usually dozens of villains in any given campaign, the majority of bad guys in adventures are often quickly dispatched.  Worse, they’re frequently forgotten.  However a D&D incarnation of […]

How to make D&D really scary

November 1, 2015Written by MythicParty - Published on

DM: “The frost giant’s ice club smashes down, crushing the very life out of you for (rolls) 40 points!” Bored Player: “Eh I still have 29 left, so after the Cleric does his healing I’ll be good as new.” DM: (sighs) One of D&D weaknesses is how damage- whether from combat, traps, or miscellaneous things like […]