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Adventure Art #2 – Character Sketches from Mythic Design

This book is a veritable treasure chest of fantasy artwork by established artist, Mates Laurentiu. These illustrations have been crafted specifically for use as Character or NPC references in fantasy role-playing games.

With thirteen Master Level fantasy creations, each issue literally contains hundreds of dollars worth of art. All images are super high-quality, immediately ready for easy use in your role-playing games.

Adventure Art is a bi-monthly series published in tandem by Mythic Design, Inc. and AvatarArt.com. Each issue contains a wide variety of characters, races, classes, monsters, and scenes. Issue #2 (July/August 2009) also contains a piece from guest artist, Peter Szmer.

  • Make your PCs and NPCs stand out with
  • Impress your players or DM
  • Grab pre-made D&D 4e stat blocks from Dungeon Mastering’s public monster database

100% Guarantee – NO QUESTIONS ASKED

We trust that you will be more than happy with Adventure Art product so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you buy Adventure from us, at any time in the following 90 days you can ask for a full refund. No questions asked.

Adventure Art #2 (PDF e-book)

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