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Ask a Dungeon Master: How can I make my games scarier? – Empathy

October 26, 2015Written by Darkwarren - Published on

During this Halloween season, inject fear into D&D.  After all, going into a dungeon should be a scary thing as it involves life or death decisions.  Plus the monsters are real. And while I’ve written a previous column on making your games scarier via the 5 senses, there’s another technique. Empathy. I find that players […]

DM’s MBA: Commerce and Trade in Roleplaying Games

March 2, 2015Written by Darkwarren - Published on

This column proposes some new ideas regarding trade and commerce in fantasy roleplaying games. Admittedly, I play Pathfinder almost exclusively so I’m using that ruleset but you’ll be able to extrapolate for whichever particular game suits your fancy. There are a number of ways you and your players can participate in commerce during fantasy roleplaying. From […]

D&D Blog Hop: Day 28

March 17, 2014Written by Darkwarren - Published on

What is the single most important lesson you’ve learned from playing Dungeons & Dragons? Teamwork. Teamwork. Teamwork. As both a player and as a DM I’ve come to realize that Dungeons & Dragons is a wonderful social experience that requires teamwork. Sure, characters need to work together and most parties are made up of various […]

D&D Blog Hop: Day 27

March 11, 2014Written by Darkwarren - Published on

Day 27: If you had to do it all over again, would you do anything different when you first started gaming? As I’m pretty happy with my roleplaying and am still enjoying the hobby my immediate response is no. I was so young when I started I’m not really sure how I could have really […]