Dungeon Mastering

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A Dungeon Master Slot Machine Game Would Be Awesome

June 28, 2016Written by Expy - Published on

There are hundreds of different slot games available to online casino fans these days. Modern online, and land-based, slot games are a lot different than the old, classic slot machines. There is a lot of competition between companies that develop and release slot games, especially after slot games went mobile, as a lot of players […]

3 Surprising Benefits to Dungeon Mastering in a Dungeons & Dragons Game

October 28, 2015Written by Expy - Published on

If you specialize in dungeon mastering in a Dungeons & Dragons game, you have probably received a lot of criticism. Throughout history, many consider this particular roleplaying game to be a form of satanic worship. Many believe that the game leads the players to become mentally unstable. Still, there are several that believe that the […]

Must-Haves for the Dungeon Mastering Enthusiasts

October 22, 2015Written by Expy - Published on

Dungeon mastering is a critical component of all Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. In fact, your skill has a DM has the ability to make OR break the campaign that you are running and the experiences of your players. Those that specialize in dungeon mastering are expert storytellers, mediators, judges, and several other things. As a […]

Dungeon Mastering Enthusiasts Anxiously Await the Release of the Dungeons & Dragons Video Game, Sword Coast Legends

October 15, 2015Written by Expy - Published on

Dungeon mastering enthusiasts are currently waiting the the release of the Dungeons & Dragons video game, Sword Coast Legends. This video game is set in the lush and highly vibrant world that D&D players, Forgotten Realms. This video game offers players the unique ability of playing Dungeons & Dragons in a shared storytelling manner. The […]