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Dungeon Masters Descend into the Depths with “Rage of Demons”

October 9, 2015Written by Expy - Published on

Dungeon Masters Descend into the Depths of Evil with “Rage of Demons” – The Newest Dungeons & Dragons Storyline Dungeon Masters may now descend into the depths of evil by using the newest Dungeons & Dragons storyline, “Rage of Demons”. Now, D&D players have the unique ability to fight beside Drizzt Do’Urden on their computer, […]

Dungeons and Dragons Races – The Dragonkind Races Highlighted in Races of the Dragons

July 24, 2015Written by Expy - Published on

Numerous Dungeons and Dragons races exist; however, none captures and excites a player’s imagination as the races of dragons that exist in the supplement, Races of the Dragons. If you are to become an exceptional Dungeon Master, it is imperative that you learn about these amazing beings. Ultimately, these creatures have the capability of being adversaries, […]

Blog and Tools Downtime and General Odd Behavior Over the Last Week‏

April 11, 2011Written by Expy - Published on

Dear Readers, By now you’ve noticed that our most recent article, Question Keith #1: Hidden Hit Points was re-sent.  No déjà vu. For a short time the DungeonMastering.com blog was down, then up (albeit with articles from 2010,) then fully restored with Keith’s complete piece. You may also have had trouble logging into your DM […]

Get Published! Project Follow Up and Holiday Gift

December 21, 2010Written by Expy - Published on

About a year ago we started a project called “Get published! A community project”. Unfortunately we didn’t get the number of submissions we were hoping for to complete the project. However as a holiday gift, one of the authors who submitted their work has graciously decided to make his story free to the DungeonMastering.com community.