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In honor of Black Friday: The Bag of Many Things

November 28, 2013Written by Alex - Published on

Welcome back to Blue Lightning. Today I have one of my favorite ideas that I always use. One aspect that I work into virtually all of my high fantasy campaigns is the beloved Bag of Many Things. My heroes always find it randomly, and I never tell them what it is. But it is always […]

My D&D History

November 15, 2013Written by Alex - Published on

Who is this Blue Lightning guy? Why should I listen to him? Hopefully you’ve never asked that. But if you have, I just wanted to offer ya’ll a bit of my D&D past, my nerd credentials (nerdentials?), if you will. The cold air whipped outside the window, blowing ice crystals against the panes as it […]

D&D Inspirations from our ‘Zombie Murder Mystery’ game

October 31, 2011Written by Alex - Published on

I. Delve into ZMM By: Alex Harms When Dungeon Delve came out back in 2009 I was excited to have a book full of level appropriate scenarios to use with my gaming group. I loved that I could go over to the shelf grab a book and have a series of encounters, thematically tied together, […]