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Adventure Seeds: Time Travel!

May 13, 2014Written by Colin VanCourt - Published on

Who doesn’t enjoy a good time travel story? The idea’s been prevalent in fiction for centuries. Whether it’s something where time travel is usually just a framing device like Doctor Who, or whether its integral to the plot like in Back to the Future or Chrono Trigger. The best thing about time travel is that […]

Adventure Seeds: Martial Arts!

January 31, 2014Written by Colin VanCourt - Published on

Whether it’s ancient literature like Journey to the West or the latest Jackie Chan movie, the martial arts genre is one of the most well-loved and longest lasting. The hand-to hand combat of a typical kung fu flick will blend very well with the action-oriented side of Dungeons & Dragons. If the ancient Eastern arts […]

Adventure Seeds, Pirates!

January 14, 2014Written by Colin VanCourt - Published on

Welcome to Adventure Seeds, a semi-regular column that will help ‘plant’ ideas.  We’re going to start off with the old standby, pirates.  (And yes, we’ll be doing a column on ninjas later, just to be fair)  Whether in the old school X1 The Isle of Dread, Green Ronin’s Freeport setting, or Paizo’s Skull & Shackles […]