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D&D Blog Hop: Day 22

February 22, 2014Written by Darkwarren - Published on

Day 22: First D&D-based novel you ever read (Dragonlance Trilogy, Realms novels, etc.) I’m pretty sure that the first D&D novel I ever read was Shadowdale and the Avatar (Time of Troubles) Trilogy. But it could have been The Crystal Shard of the Icewind Dale trilogy. They were definitely my first two Forgotten Realms trilogies […]

D&D Blog Hop: Day 21

February 21, 2014Written by Darkwarren - Published on

Day 21: First time you sold some of your D&D books–for whatever reason. I’ve never sold any of my D&D books (or any other roleplaying gear) and thankfully, I’ve never had to sell any of my D&D books. If anything, throughout the years, I’ve had to reign in my spending on books. When it was […]

D&D Blog Hop: Day 20

February 20, 2014Written by Darkwarren - Published on

Day 20: First non-D&D RPG you played. Optimus Design System’s Battlelords of the 23rd Century. I remember that the image of a futuristically armored  warrior with a bloody chainsaw, hooked blade, flamethrower, and plasma weapon at the end of each of its tentacles really caught my attention. Read that description again and imagine that picture […]

D&D Blog Hop: Day 19

February 19, 2014Written by Darkwarren - Published on

Day 19: First gamer who just annoyed the hell out of you. When I got back into tabletop gaming after I graduated college, I responded to an advertisement for gamers to try the new 3rd edition adventure The Sunless Citadel. I met two guys that I’m still friends with today and the DM who put […]