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Cyber Monday Bonus: Keith Baker’s “Why I’m Thankful For D&D”

November 26, 2012Written by Keith Baker - Published on

All this month we’re asking our various Dungeonmastering.com contributors what D&D means to them, whether its delving into their Geek past, looking at how the game currently manifests itself in their lives, or wondering what the future with it holds.  Here is a special bonus article for Cyber Monday with what Keith Baker, 20th Level game […]

Question Keith #10: Questioning Authority

September 14, 2012Written by Keith Baker - Published on

Cat says… So, I am about to start DM-ing my first campaign with a group of people I’ve played with for a while, and I’m taking over for a DM that leaves a lot to measure up to. My problem is that since my partner has been playing and dm-ing D&D for a long time, […]

Question Keith #9: A Game of Dungeons

August 3, 2012Written by Keith Baker - Published on

Roberto V. from Stafford, NY asks… Keith, all of the complex political maneuvering and back-stabbing (sometimes literal) plus the brutal battles in a low magic setting are what makes Game of Thrones so addictive to me.  How can we adapt those elements to our Pathfinder/D&D game while still making it fun for the players?  And […]

Question Keith #8: Playing In The Sandbox

March 29, 2012Written by Keith Baker - Published on

Zachary asks: Do you ever run unscripted sandbox style games? Any hints for pacing in such? I prefer a sandbox style of play, and when I’m running a long-term campaign it’s my usual style. Even when I’m running my traveling game, I prefer a semi-linear style where the players are free to move in many […]