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Scared of DMing in the dark?

August 3, 2010Written by Krystal - Published on

The horrors of dungeons and dragons are sometimes over looked, and often times we visit Ravenloft every Halloween night for a game of horror and mystery, but elements such as these can be placed easily into your everyday Dungeons and Dragons game, so if you please, turn off all the lights, light a few candles, […]

How to Add Secret Societies Into Your D&D Gameplay

July 27, 2010Written by Krystal - Published on

Ever plan an encounter but have nooo idea when or where the adventurers will ever see it? Well those are really the best kind! Sometimes we just have fun planning the enemies and the societies, evil deeds and so on! Though sometimes we have a bit of trouble, so I’m here for a little bit […]

An Introduction To 4th Edition

June 30, 2010Written by Krystal - Published on

Alright DnDers, I’m about to step into the world of 4E — now do not be alarmed! I am not leaving behind 3-3.50 editions of dnd, I’m simply stepping into both realms as I have recently been playing fourth edition. For anyone who has not tried fourth edition yet (if there are any of you) […]

General World/Campaign Creation Tips

June 16, 2010Written by Krystal - Published on

So, I was glancing around the web the other day, pondering what to write when I realized people write about world building constantly, campaign creation etc. So I thought, I’d go through a similar thing with my own spin; Creating a Module. Modules are good for many things, for one you can upload them here, […]