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Going 3D with D&D

April 23, 2010Written by Krys - Published on

Anyone who has ever dabbled in 3-D terrain for tabletops learns three things pretty quickly: it’s expensive, it’s time-consuming, and it’s addictive. Ever the cheapsk- uh, bargain hunter, I budget my D&D money to the penny every month and scour the net, craft stores, and garage sales to find the best deals. Online there are two major players in the 3-D racket, and a third underdog who is rapidly climbing the ranks.

Top 8 Ways to Tell if Your Dungeon Mistress is a Closet Dominatrix

September 17, 2009Written by Krys - Published on

Do you wonder if your Dungeon Mistress is secretly sporting leather and handcuffs on the weekends you’re not playing? In this article, you’ll be able to read up on the symptoms of the closet dom DM. Read on and you will know for certain whether she’s using the title “Dungeon Mistress” in other settings too.

Gamer Tots – Making RPGs Kid Friendly

September 5, 2009Written by Krys - Published on

All gamer boys and girls grow up some time, and when a gamer man and a gamer woman fall in love, they have a gamer baby. Unfortunately, many kids may not be ready to grasp all the rules. This article gives ideas and tips to simplify the rules and create adventures that work for your kids, allowing them to try DnD sooner and giving them a great way to express creativity and de-stress, just like us big kids.