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October 15, 2014Written by Marc_Radle - Published on

Welcome back to Pen & Pixels, where I share stories about of the the RPG images that I’ve created as a professional artist.  Here’s a Halloween-ish piece I illustrated for Four Winds Fantasy  for one of their monster books. This particular creature was a Mannegishi, a trickster race from Cree folklore. In doing my research […]


July 11, 2014Written by Marc_Radle - Published on

This is another illustration I did for the Behind the Monsters Omnibus from Tricky Owlbear. I was pretty happy with how it turned out and even happier when the publisher told me the illustration reminded him of those old school illustrations from First Edition AD&D. Since I loved those BW drawings and idolized the artists, […]

Roper; it’s what’s not for dinner

May 16, 2014Written by Marc_Radle - Published on

Behind The Monsters by Tricky Owlbear Publishing was an ongoing series that took familiar D&D monsters and gave them a new twist, adding interesting histories, backgrounds and plot ideas. Recently, they collected all the individual installments of the series into a single volume, the Behind the Monsters: Omnibus. The good folks at Tricky Owlbear commissioned […]


May 10, 2014Written by Marc_Radle - Published on

The good folks at Super Genius Games (now known as Rogue Genius Games) commissioned me to do an entire series of illustrations for a product called Monster Menagerie: Howl at the Moon. This supplement detailed maybe a dozen or so unique were-creatures. This product was not about your garden variety werewolves and weretigers! This was […]