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5 Rules for More Natural NPCs

January 25, 2016Written by Ace - Published on

I know there are already tons of articles on the Internet- and even a bunch here on DMing- about NPCs. And I also know that many DM’s completely fudge stats/numbers in the interest of better story. But here are Aces’s 5 quick and gritty rules for More Natural NPCs: To be believable, they need to […]

Why I’m Thankful for D&D

November 27, 2015Written by Ace - Published on

This is a very special year for me. A few weeks (or less) after Thanksgiving is fast we will be welcoming our daughter into the world. Naturally I have been more reflective. So being asked by DungeonMastering.com why I am thankful for D&D- which they’ve asked other contributors– is not as easy an answer as I […]

5+1 Things to consider when hosting a game

November 19, 2015Written by Ace - Published on

Owlbear… I never know how to begin so that takes care of that.  I am Ace, you’ll get to know about me as this column continues. I run a monthly D&D 5E game at my house. Turnover is low, drama (without initiative rolls) is nonexistent, and fun is high. I am always surprised by how […]