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DMs should fear these things from Fear the Walking Dead

August 31, 2015Written by MythicParty - Published on

Movies and television are always a fertile source for ideas to use in D&D.  Especially horror.  You’ve probably heard that AMC’s the Walking Dead has a spinoff called (ugh) ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ Now this isn’t a prequel but rather about what’s happens on the West Coast, specifically Los Angeles.  Admittedly when I first heard […]

Real world problems for D&D characters: taxes, fees, and surcharges

August 10, 2015Written by MythicParty - Published on

Today we’ll start talking about stressful stuff that happens throughout our daily lives that, realistically should happen also to people in fantasy worlds. The inspiration for this comes from technical issues that affected DungeonMastering.com recently such as dead links, site outages or email notifications for older posts. First off, we apologize.  Secondly, we’re working on […]

6 SWEET Suggestions for D&D from GoT Season 5 (Part One)

July 12, 2015Written by MythicParty - Published on

It’s no secret that we’re all huge Game of Thrones fans here.  This year we’ve done posts about the premiere and then the finale.  In between we also wrote about the 2nd episode because it had a bunch of ideas for your D&D games. However there are still 7 other shows in this batch, all with some solid suggestions […]

4 Groups in D&D that deserve more Independence

July 5, 2015Written by MythicParty - Published on

I would have bet all my jumbo dice that there already was a 4th of July column. We’ve previously written not one but two articles about Memorial Day as well as an attempt to process 9-11 from a gaming context.  But there actually isn’t anything in our archives, so to connect with the Independence Day […]