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Creative Class Constructs II: Fighters

January 2, 2014Written by Paul Rehac - Published on

From my thoughts to your screen to your table, welcome back to Creative Class Constructs; an article series in which we discuss alternatives to the cliche class models that we all know. Hopefully these suggestions will inspire you, and your players, to make diverse NPC’s and PC’s to bring extra flavor to your game. This […]

Creative Class Constructs: Clerics

December 23, 2013Written by Paul Rehac - Published on

Let’s say you have a player who is new to fantasy tabletops, but is familiar with video games/books/movies in the genre. They know the stereotypes — a back-stabbing kleptomaniac rogue, a hardy fighter wielding a big sword, a pious cleric with so many heal spells he could be named “Band-aid” and a wizard who bends […]

An Easy Alignment Alternative: The 4, 3, 2, 1 System

December 17, 2013Written by Paul Rehac - Published on

There’s a long-stemming debate that’s been the source of many arguments around gaming tables. I have bravely decided to “throw my hat into the ring” to question the validity, necessity, and functionality of our age-old alignment system. From Lawful Stupid to Chaotic Jerk, Core Rules have cookie-cutter alignments. I’ll give my perspective on a few […]

Thanks to D&D and All It’s Taught Us

November 28, 2013Written by Paul Rehac - Published on

Turkey Day is here and it’s getting to be that time of year when we all are reminded to be grateful for everything we’ve got — something I know I do a little less often than I should. Because of that, when I was posed the question “Why are you grateful for Dungeons and Dragons,” […]