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A Villain They’ll Love To Hate: Part 2

November 25, 2013Written by Paul Rehac - Published on

Greetings readers, and welcome back to A Villain They’ll Love to Hate. Last we left off I gave you a plot hook to grab your players and get them thirsty for your villain’s blood. Path One was a little slow, though, and sometimes you just don’t have the time for that kind of set up. […]

A Villain They’ll Love To Hate Part I

November 21, 2013Written by Paul Rehac - Published on

You’ve spent hours pouring over charts, grids, drawings, stories, and reference guides and finally you have it: a tale worth playing. So you call up your closest friends and your local pizza joint, and you all gather to play this game. It’s all going pretty well at first; everyone’s having fun and the game’s running […]