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Digital to Tabletop – Pokémon

December 9, 2014Written by Michael Perry - Published on

For anyone who knows me – you know that one of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to convert a video game to a tabletop game.  Despite what you may think, this can be done.  In fact, in some cases, the conversion is rather simple.  In other cases, the conversion can […]

Digital to Tabletop – Pokémon (Part 2)

December 9, 2014Written by Michael Perry - Published on

This is a continuation of a previous article about converting Pokémon to a tabletop game.  If you haven’t read Part 1, yet, then I suggest that you do that first. And, as always, thanks for reading!   Capturing I don’t know about any of you, but, personally, capturing has always been an aspect of Pokémon […]

How I Play D&D – and Why It’s Fun (Part Two)

November 18, 2014Written by Michael Perry - Published on

Part Two: The Butt Kicking Begins – So, Too, Does the Fun I haaaaated (loathed) the DM and he wasn’t much of a fan of mine, either. He was boring, lackluster, couldn’t out act Tommy Wiseau, and never prepared in advance – instead choosing to read from a dungeon guide at the table. I would […]

How a Newbie Played D&D- and Why It’s Fun (Part One)

November 15, 2014Written by Michael Perry - Published on

  Whenever I play Dungeons & Dragons, I always take it seriously, but that doesn’t mean that I never have fun. After all, F-U-N is precisely the whole point of playing this old school game, isn’t it?  Why we’re rolling weirdly shaped dice and why you’re taking time (thank you) to read this. Believe me, […]