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Grandeur In Plain Sight

January 26, 2010Written by Scott - Published on

Mansions Not Lairs Secret lairs and gloomy castles, villains and bad guys always seem to have some hidden fortress or base of operation hidden in remote locales or within ominous monster infested dungeons. One evil being has become bored of hiding his presence from the world and over the years has built a dominated army […]

More To Watch

January 17, 2010Written by Scott - Published on

Many Faces Within any town or city you will more than likely find a watch or guard of some description. Adventurers tend to interact with these guardsmen on numerous occasions. Whether its running afoul of the law or seeking assistance or guidance from these law enforcers, the members of the city watch have a tendency […]

More Star Crossed Dragons

December 9, 2009Written by Scott - Published on

The Rampaging Lavender and Mysterious Platinum dragons join the annals of the Star Crossed Dragons. Plus a gelatinous surprise for your enjoyment.

Trick Or Treat?

October 25, 2009Written by Scott - Published on

Each year on Halloween children roam the streets dressed as ghouls and monsters. What if these children weren’t dressing up, but actually became child-sized fiends?