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A Goblin Tale

Written by Margath - Published on October 29, 2009

Auntie Margath’s Bed Time Story

Gather round my pretties, as once again it is time for bed. Although, tonight’s bedtime is special, as you shall have the pleasure of hearing a delightful tale from me, old Auntie Margath. Now this particular tale is one of my favourites and I often use it to scare the little goblins of my warren. Their tiny little cries of fear and disbelief often fill me with the most wonderful feelings. The story of ‘Naughty Galak’ is great to show all little goblins how horrible things can happen to goblin runts who are nasty to their warren mothers. As the elven like Dilias will come and steal away the naughtiest goblins, especially the goblins that Auntie Margath doesn’t like. Here is the tale and a description of the terrifying Dilias.

Naughty Galak

A long time ago, in a warren far from this one, a naughty little goblin named Galak always poked and bit and spat on the other goblins. As Galak grew, his behaviour worsened, with him often attacking Glatsat, his warren mother, as well as the other goblins. Glatsat tried her best to teach important goblin lessons to Galak but he would never listen to her and always did what he shouldn’t do and never what he should do. Many times the wretched little Galak was caught red handed whilst up to mischief, and every time he was punished. The punishment never deterred Galak for long, as he would often repeat his naughty deeds as soon as he was freed from the naughty room.

Eventually Galak went to far when he took the pretty, shiny crystal that belonged to the shaman of the Conlak goblin tribe. Again Glatsat searched for Galak while she cursed his name for being such a troubling and vile little goblin. The warren mother found the little runt where he always hid after being naughty, in the tiny nook near the chief’s cave. Glatsat grabbed Galak by his ears and pulled him out, the shaman’s pretty, shiny crystal still in his hands. Caught again, Galak only looked up at his warren mother’s eyes, smiling widely. Without warning, he bolted past Glatsat and straight out of the Conlak tribes cave. Chasing him through the woods outside the goblin caves, Glatsat saw a bright light getting stronger in front of her. She stopped running and crept forward through the trees to see what was happening. In a clearing on the other side of the trees, Galak stood completely still as the shiny, pretty crystal in his hand got brighter and brighter. The light became so bright that Glatsat couldn’t look any longer and had to hide her eyes behind a tree. Then, as suddenly as it started, the light was gone. Glatsat peered out from behind her tree and became completely frozen as she took in what she saw. Ghostly forms hovered in front of Galak, vile and disgusting figures floated before the young goblin. Glatsat had never seen such ghastly creatures in all her life. Their ears were long like hers, but thin and perfectly pointed, they stood taller than any goblin she had ever seen and their thin faces were sharp and angled without a mark or scar. Ghostly hair hung perfectly straight down their backs and clung perfectly still to the fine cloth that covered their bodies. However, what disturbed Glatsat most about these creatures was their large eyes that glistened like pools of crystal clear water. Just as Glatsat thought she could not keep her eyes on such revolting creatures any longer, they were suddenly gone in one blinding flash of light, as was Galak. Now alone, Glatsat moved into the clearing and quickly found the pretty, shiny crystal, but Glatsat and the rest of the Conlak tribe never saw Galak ever again.

Old Auntie Margath knows what happened to the naughty little wretch though. Galak was taken to the terrible home of the haunting Dilias. Here is what happened.

The naughty goblin opened his eyes and quickly snapped them shut. Galak began to slowly open his eyes to see if the nightmarish vision he had seen before was true. A small scream erupted from Galak’s mouth as his fears were confirmed. Sun-dappled shadows danced around his feet, and he stood within a pristine forest. Small woodland creatures walked peacefully all around him, as did tall and horrible creatures with large, glistening eyes. Some of these tall creatures stopped and looked down at him, smiling with terrifyingly perfect teeth. Now Galak openly screamed in horror at the monstrosities before him. A melodic voice rang within Galak’s head. ‘Be calm young goblin child, you are amongst the Dilias now. No harm or evil can be performed on any creature within our realm.’ Shaking with fear Galak looked at the ugly Dilias that spoke to him, his goblin voice quivered but it still held it’s soothingly fractured goblin tones. ‘Why you take Galak?’ The Dilias looked upon the goblin child confused. ‘We didn’t take you. You brought yourself here with the crystal. If you wish to leave just use the crystal once more.’ Galak fell to the ground sobbing as the worst words he could possibly imagine at this moment left his lips. ‘Galak dropped crystal in forest.’ The Dilias placed his vile skinny hand upon Galak’s shoulder. ‘If the crystal didn’t come with you, then you can never leave.’ With those words Galak sobbed louder and longer than he ever had before.

Margath’s Morales

So there you have it, the nasty little Galak got what was coming to him. Although he never would have gotten away with so much mischief in my warren, that is for sure. Never forget that if you treat your warren mother wickedly the Dilias will come for you and take you away to their nightmarish world of eternal sun and spring. Truly, a terrifying fate for any goblin. So what are these haunting Dilias you ask? Read on my pretty little goblins and you shall see

The Dilias

The Dilias are native to a small plane that is named after them and lies close to the Feywild. Dilias surges with extremely potent curative magic, and every being native to the plane is immortal. Creatures of all forms, living and long extinct upon the material plane, thrive on Dilias in perfect harmony, as they have no need to feed. Visitors to the realm are healed of all wounds and illnesses instantly upon arrival with the affect of the healing magics being permanent, even after leaving. Aggression is not accepted upon Dilias no matter the excuse. However any violent acts are useless as wounds heal as fast as they are made. Visiting the Dilias is only possible through the use of planar gateways that are spread across the material plane. Each portal is a small crystal ball that glows faintly in various colours whilst dormant. When a dormant portal is taken into specific areas around the world that are connected to Dilias, they become automatically activated, taking anything within a certain area to the home of the elven-like Dilias. Travel back to the material plane without extremely potent multi-planar magic is only possible through the use of the same gateway crystal.

Dilias resemble Eladrin in appearance, with some small differences. Their eyes glisten like a crystal clear pond of water and staring into them for too long is said to reveal the reflection of your true self. They are taller than the other elven races with their average height being above 6’5”. Each of the peaceful beings is born connected to the healing magic of their home realm, making them very potent healers. At this stage there has never been a disease or wound that a Dilias could not heal. The voice of a Dilias carries the full extent of their curative abilities and has a soothing, peaceful and calming effect upon all who hear it, making the Dilias very influential diplomats and negotiators. Whilst on the material plane, Dilias become incorporeal and wisplike for the duration of their time on the realm, the magic of their home realm keeps them in this form to protect them from the possible harm that could be afflicted upon them during their visit. It is believed that they can choose to take a corporeal form if they choose to. Their powers are weakened away from their home but they are still amongst the most powerful healers and effective ambassadors of all the realms whilst away from Dilias.

Born on a completely peaceful plane where life is created and sustained eternally through magic has shaped the Dilias into extremely peaceful race. They have no desire to do wrong or hurt any living creature. However, if a Dilias were ever to become vicious or corrupted by evil, the hypnotic voice of the creature would become it’s most powerful weapon, calming anything that threatened it, as well as convincing countless people to do it’s bidding without question or thought. With an array of extremely powerful curing magics, the Dilias and it’s followers would be extremely resilient to injuries and disease.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet dreams, my little pretties and good luck falling asleep after that harrowing tale. I can assure you that the dreadful Dilias are real and they may even come for you this very night! – Auntie Margath.

What is your favourite fairy tale? Have you ever used a fairy tale to influence your game? Do you think healers are effective in RPG’s?

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Written by Margath

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2 Responses to “A Goblin Tale”
  1. Kolbold Minion says:

    For my currant game a wrote a six page “book” of fairy tales and songs. A few of the songs tell the stories of prevous adventures from a different game that I used to DM.

  2. scott says:

    i love using fairy tales as inspiration, especially brothers grimm and even to an extent Disney movies. Yeah they are all toned down for kids but a lot of the events and villians are quite morbid and evil.

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