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Meta-foreshadowing… It’s crunchy!

Written by Expy - Published on September 10, 2008

Meta-foreshadowing: it’s crunchy!

I was thinking about a common DM problem today:

What is cool to the dungeon master might not be cool the the players, and vice-versa.

Now, this is a problem that often arises in a game run by a less experienced DM, or in a game in which the DM doesn’t know his players personally.

Well, I have a suggestion for anyone out there who might have this problem or thinks it could happen in their game:

Ask your players which powers, feats, and abilities they think their characters will have in 5 or 10 levels.  You’ll definitely get a glimpse of what the players like and want.  You’ll also get plenty of ideas or elements that’ll fit in your game and that will help the characters grow and be what they dreamt they would be.

I’m spending an action point and use my extra action to ramble about everything and anything!

  • I’m playing D&D tomorrow. Yay. Did you notice that in over 1 year of writing about D&D I never, ever wrote about my characters and never published a stat block of any kind?  I even resisted the acid-spewing dire weasel idea. I hope you appreciate that – it takes a lot of effort.
  • I haven’t been receiving any hate mail lately – send me some hate mail and I might post the best ones I receive.  Write something really good and I’ll mail you a prize – I don’t know what, it’s a very unoficial contest.
  • Check out the best blog logo ever @ The Baroness!
  • D&D Insider won’t be free for much longer.  If you don’t plan on getting their monthly plan go to dndinsider.com and download your free Dungeon and Dragon magazines while they’re available.
That’s it for today.  Have fun gaming!

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Written by Expy

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7 Responses to “Meta-foreshadowing… It’s crunchy!”
  1. h8t says:

    I haet U. You poas7 to letl3! >:(

  2. Kane says:

    Yeah, I started out on my old blog with weekly updates from my game, but I started to ask myself if I wasn’t me, would I care about this? Well I know there are people who enjoy reading those, but I chose to stop and was all the better for it :)

  3. DnDCorner says:

    One thing that really helps me figure out where my players want to go is to ask them to list out their top 5 or 10 magic items they want their characters to have. I find that they balk sometimes about details about their character they haven’t thought all the way through, but everyone loves to talk about lootz.

  4. Yax says:

    Thanks to everyone who sent me hate mail. It was very enjoyable!

    @DndCorner: I like the top magic items idea. Lootz is indeed always awesome.

  5. Noumenon says:

    The dndinsider.com link is broken. Anything there besides 4th edition stuff? Will all the cool old stuff like the Map a Week Archive, Cliffhangers adventures, random encounters archive be going away too?

  6. Noumenon says:

    I have read lots of people’s campaigns online and liked them — Shamus Young’s being the best example, and Alan de Smet’s being another.

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